Hot Tip: Travel shampoo to change your life

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It’s not often I so whole-heartedly write about a product: in fact, this is a first for 3 Score & More.  But I’ve just come back from 3, 2-3 week long trips and believe me, I WISH I’d had this tucked among my toiletries… a single-use shampoo that is Sulfate-FREE (a must for those of us with, ahem, color-treated hair), TSA approved, AND easy to pack….

So click on through the image below if you think this is something that needs to go into your suitcase next time….

What is really breaking the mold is that I’ve not personally tried the Squeeze Pod shampoo, so I’m taking the unusual step of endorsing it based on the strong reviews of Amazon customers, thoughtful response to consumer questions from the manufacturer, and the overall strong rating.

And ordering my own set post-haste.  There’s a lot more travel out there….

I’d really like your thoughts – if you’re familiar with this please share your experience – would love to see your comments posted below!

Yours in suds,


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Pom Pom Passion

Fashion and style expert Lee Sable has contributed to this blog from the beginning – her Twinkle Toes piece remains one of 3 Score’s best-read posts. Her unimpeachable eye, flair, and whimsy are informed by a lifelong career in international fashion.   Pom poms are now on her radar… 

Lee found the pom-pom bag, above, at Linda’s@Bergdorf Goodman.  

Otherwise, options galore…

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3 Score’s Style Muse

Meet the infallible Lord Sprout, whose unerring sense of style and all things good makes the world a better place. 

A Blogger’s Rookie Year

In the roller coaster year of 2016, the indisputable bright spot for me was the launch of 3 Score and More in May.   With gratitude for all the extraordinary experiences, and excitement about what lies ahead, here’s a “best of” look at how Travel, Style, and Discovery played out over the last eight months…. Continue reading “A Blogger’s Rookie Year”

VELVET…luscious, opulent, fun

Old fashioned, dress up, party shoes, holidays only…NOPE, no longer!                                         Modern & fun…day or night

Superga – available at Amazon

Add a touch of whimsy…replace the laces with your choice of grosgrain ribbon

Stella McCartney – available at Shop Style website
Steve Madden – available at Amazon

Nothing wrong with being practical…let your velvet slip-on sneakers keep you above the puddles.

Chanel – available at Bergdorf Goodman

Forever classic, always stylish and so pretty.

Gucci – available at Bergdorf Goodman

Tickle your fancy… a giggle guaranteed!

Paul Andrew – available at Bergdorf Goodman
Available at Bergdorf Goodman

Simple and elegant

Available at Bergdorf Goodman

Sublime party shoes…go for BAROQUE

Available at Stubbs & Wootten

Wishing you a sparkling 2017!

Cheers,  Lee


Here and Now – available at Barneys

These are so comfy… they make me smile and I receive approving wows from passing strangers.


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Photo credit: Lee S.F.

Lee’s Fall Fashion Favorites

On a late summer trip to my local farm stand, bursting with luscious colors, I began to think about autumn…  

It’s about days growing shorter, spectacular early sunsets, abundant red wine, and an opportunity to indulge in some fall shopping.

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Fashion Recipes Inspired by the Met Museum Costume Exhibit

The Costume Institute of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art broke new ground with their Spring 2016 exhibit. The show combined the skills of hand-made with the new technologies of machine-made.

So what does that mean for us consumers with closets overflowing with choices?  It’s Freedom!!! The show gave me an appreciation of and permission to mix things up in my way, to create a personal fashion statement from my wardrobe – how liberating! Continue reading “Fashion Recipes Inspired by the Met Museum Costume Exhibit”

How to Bring Home a Bit of Florence Style

For centuries, Florence has been synonymous with the finest craftsmanship and style in jewelry – why not bring a bit of that legacy home? Florence has defined beauty and elegance since the 15th century Italian Renaissance; it holds an unrivaled  place as the domain of art and culture Today, a more contemporary approach to one-of-a-kind jewelry, wrought from the most modern of man-materials – plastics and synthetics – is found in work of Angela Caputi. We can all bring a bit of Florentine design genius back home with us to savor. Here’s the skinny…..

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Inspiration from Isaac

Isaac Mizrahi An Unruly History  at The Jewish Museum, NYC, through August 7, 2016

After visiting the Isaac show, I am reminded of how much a dash of color makes me happy.

We’ve just come out of the “Black Sea” of a New York winter. Although white has always been my choice for summer….. under Isaac’s influence I’m ready to experiment.

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Twinkle Toes – Shoes to Make You Smile

Sparkly espadrilles

Packing shoes is always a challenge.  My goal is comfort without sacrificing style.  If it’s too practical, forget it!!  Enter twinkle toes…comfy, fun, but practical solutions that will also make you smile.

Metallic goes with everything; gold, silver, bronze…it’s up to you. Continue reading “Twinkle Toes – Shoes to Make You Smile”