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The site was created to inspire travel and discovery for curious women over 60.  

Now that I’ve rounded the corner to my 7th decade,  I’ve realized there is so much more to write about.

Travel is and will continue to be an important part of the blog, but not everything.


My name is Jane and I’m a proud member of this demographic — and no stranger to life’s reset button. After careers in advertising, communications, and a very rewarding stint in adventure travel, I find that 3 Score & More is indeed about More.  About a larger, unfinished journey, both external and internal.  And that is what this blog is about.

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The Long, Weary Legacy of Women’s Speech and Power

When it comes to silencing women, Western culture has had thousands of years of practice.  – Mary Beard, Women & Power

Lake Titicaca, Peru’s Floating Islands

It is unlikely that the soaring altitude and sheer magnificence of the Andes Mountains, inspired “Stairway to Heaven.” This signature work of the virtuoso rock band Led Zepplin is arguably the best rock ballad oh, maybe Ever. Those guitar riffs live on, even if Lake Titicaca isn’t their spirtual home. However, the lake, situated in …

The Best of Peru’s Sacred Valley And How to See It

What is Peru’s Sacred Valley?  Machu Picchu always grabs the headlines as the Andean destination of dreamers, scholars and intrepid tourists. Retracing the Inca Trail and the steps of the early 20th century explorers who “discovered” the “Lost City”  has become almost a rite of passage for second gen hipsters. The Sacred Valley is a …