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Read about the blog and about me. I look forward to seeing you along the trail and hope you’ll drop a line and let me know what you’re favorite travel experiences have been. I’d bet you’ve got some great tales, too.

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Trip insurance: When is it the right choice?

It’s often a toss-up when booking flight: economize on the non-cancelable/refundable ticket or buy the more expensive cancellable/changeable option, within the airline’s “terms and conditions”.   For big trips, whether under the wing of tour companies or self-organized, the question of trip insurance looms larger; there’s more money at stake and more circumstances beyond one’s …


Welcome to 3 Score & More…. launched to inspire travel and discovery among curious women 60+ who value substantive information but never let anything get in the way of fun.

So, from solo jaunts to travel with friends and family, 3 Score is part of a larger, unfinished journey that’s both external and internal.

And along the way, I’ve picked up a travel tip or two…

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