Welcome to 3 Score & More, the site to inspire travel and discovery for curious women over 60 who value substantive information but never let anything get in the way of fun.

It’s for people who’ve been around the block but know that the journey’s far from over… In fact, it may well be just beginning.

My name is Jane and I’m a proud member of this demographic — and no stranger to life’s reset button. After careers in advertising, communications, and a very rewarding stint in adventure travel, I am tackling a new challenge at a pivotal turn in life. From solo jaunts to travel with friends and family, 3 Score & More is about a larger, unfinished journey, both external and internal.

And along the way, I’ve picked up a travel tip or two…

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How Time With Your Parents Can Make You a Better Adult

  Editor’s Note: This originally published on Medium, addressing Millennials.  Feel free to pass it along… Hey twenty-somethings, now it’s your turn. It doesn’t have to be travel, but it could be. Remember “take your child to work” day when you were a kid? Some employers made it a big deal, providing a plethora of …

Celebrating a Special Birthday With Poetry

Today we’re taking another step to expand 3 Score’s purview and celebrate a special birthday (my granddaughter, Ava). Ava turned one earlier in April, at the start of National Poetry Month. So it seemed only natural to ask Elephant and Giraffe to join in.

The 3 most important reasons to travel solo at 60+

We get to retirement, or close, and the siren song of travel beckons. But to travel solo? Finally, the planets are aligned: time, treasure (ok, budget treasure), and a talent for discovery. We want to go, and yet lingering doubt perceived roadblocks. No one wants to go where you want to go. A travel partner …