Welcome to 3 Score & More…. launched to inspire travel and discovery among curious women 60+ who value substantive information but never let anything get in the way of fun.

So, from solo jaunts to travel with friends and family, 3 Score is part of a larger, unfinished journey that’s both external and internal.

And along the way, I’ve picked up a travel tip or two…

From posts to travel news and resources, you’ll find a collection of stories and information that maybe,  in reading, you’ll find the rare “ah-ha moment”… that flash of insight when things fit together.   I hope so. 

At the start of 3 Score, I bought a simple, cartridge fountain pen as a talisman for this endeavor. For all the hoopla about the world-bending power of digital information, at the core is communication – between writer and reader, a construct as old as the written word.

Created in pixels but in the spirit of pen and ink, this blog flows from the head as well as the heart.  Along with a few guidelines that I’ll do my best to follow: 

• Write authentically – endorse only what I have personally tried/experienced or can confidently recommend from a trusted third-party.

• Keep a tight rein on clichés, e.g. “Awesome” and “Amazing”. If everything is A and A, then nothing is.

• Present well-crafted posts. Some will be clever – funny even – some not so much. Bear with me.

• Make mistakes. Blunders are a part of the human condition, but I’ll make it right.

So let me know your stories of travel and discovery; I look forward to hearing from you!




2017  3 Score and More.

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