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The following are resources I’ve personally used or am very familiar with through trusted third parties. It’s all legit. Comments? Please let me know at

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1. Yampu Tours puts together customized itineraries to suit what YOU want to see and do. I’ve written about my travels with them to Buenos Aires and Argentina’s side of  Iguazu Falls; South America is their sweet spot.   I plan to use them for intergenerational travel plans, too. They really get it.
2. Interested in diving deeper into a city’s culture/art/architecture/history/food? Context Travel is a must; small or private tours in cities across Europe, Asia, and North America; a sprinkling in South America.  I’ve done several Context Tours, and used them as wedding presents, too!  Quite a hit!
3. Share the British passion for walking?  I loved what Encounter Walking put together for me, along the U.K.’s famed Southwest Coast Path. It takes a pro to make it work, ensuring you have a welcoming bed at the end of each day and moving your luggage along so you can concentrate on the fun.


1. Air B + B is not just for local housing, it’s for local experiences, too. Here’s just one example; I’m ready to book a flight just to do this.
2. Intergenerational travel is the gift that builds memories for a lifetime. Air B+B is on to it with a focus on family-friendly homes.  Now it might not be so impossible to take the fam to Paris.
3. Take a close look at Iguazu Falls which straddle Argentina and Brazil, if South America is in your travel plans. The falls are a UNESCO World Heritage site and there are many tour options so even for only a day, it will be a highlight of your trip.
4. Part of Trip Advisor,  Viator is the big kahuna of tour operators all over the world. Find a place, find a tour.  Even Game of Thrones location tours. Enjoy the fantasy!


1. Fewer than 50% of U.S. citizens hold passports.  Ready to take the plunge and get yours? Here’s how to get started.
2. Hate the US Customs lines upon return from abroad? Frustrated by the security lines for any air travel? Time to enroll in the U.S. Customs/Border Patrol GOES system. Not limited to U.S. citizens.  Here’s how to get started.
3. It might be a good idea to consider the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, described here.  For no other reason, it provides peace of mind for friends and families as you trot around the globe.


1.  But what to do with Fido when heading out to your favorite state park?  Check out this list of state parks’ pet policies to find the most dog-friendly.


1.  A long flight is no fun. Here are some positively invaluable tips to consider in trip planning for long-haul flights. Once aboard, some suggestions to make the endless hours as bearable as possible.
2. Five ways to keep your passport safe.  Some are obvious, some not so much.  Take a look.
3. Before you book that first cruise – or the next one – some solid advice on cruise traps to avoid


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