Lee’s Fall Fashion Favorites

On a late summer trip to my local farm stand, bursting with luscious colors, I began to think about autumn…  

It’s about days growing shorter, spectacular early sunsets, abundant red wine, and an opportunity to indulge in some fall shopping.

Having a closet full of classics I decided to take a stroll through some of my favorite fashion haunts to choose “wisely” that special something to update my existing wardrobe.

The treasure hunt begins…


Arm candy… combining variations of related colors, just like in nature.


Perk up classic grey pants with a hint of burgundy velvet…


This year’s choice to update that little black dress…. (don’t forget the pale stockings)


Lucious burgundy velvet ballet flats work with everything…


How can you be without the latest in sensible walking shoes?


Hermes scarf …. one more for the collection!

It’s all about that one special something to add a dash of pizzaz to your fall wardrobe.

There are tons of choices out there, have fun!



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Photo credits:  LSF Images

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