How to Bring Home a Bit of Florence Style

For centuries, Florence has been synonymous with the finest craftsmanship and style in jewelry – why not bring a bit of that legacy home? Florence has defined beauty and elegance since the 15th century Italian Renaissance; it holds an unrivaled  place as the domain of art and culture Today, a more contemporary approach to one-of-a-kind jewelry, wrought from the most modern of man-materials – plastics and synthetics – is found in work of Angela Caputi. We can all bring a bit of Florentine design genius back home with us to savor. Here’s the skinny…..

angela-caputi-9b-11. LocationsVia San Spirito, 58r (tel. 39.055.212972) and Borgo SS Apostoli 44/46. Both are in high-traffic areas, and neither is hard to find. The Borgo SS Apostoli shop also carries a clothing, handbags and some other accessories but believe me, the main attraction is the jewelry.  Remember that, as is the custom with many retailers in Italy, the store closes from 1-3 o’clock.

2. Range of Collection: Bracelets, earrings, pins, exotic necklaces for all tastes. Whimsical animal figures and sea-inspired shapes are side-by-side angular architectural pieces. Some sparkle, some are sporty. Dramatic multi-layered beaded pieces, large cuff bracelets and long dangly earrings mix with simple disk or half-round earrings and colorful bangles (shown below). The clip earrings are unbelievably comfortable. IMG_5444 IMG_5505 IMG_5504

I bought these earrings for myself and friends. A snazzy orange pair isn’t pictured (I was probably wearing them).


I also bought this fire-engine red lucite (!) cuff reflective of distinctive Italian style and workmanship. A “souvenir” that makes a statement and will always trigger a happy memory of Florence.  Viva Italia!!


3. Price points: Like the jewelry itself the prices range, but the value is indisputable.  The simple earrings above are 24€ – 50€ per pair (roughly $30 – $60), which makes for a very affordable gift-to-self. It’s hard to pick just one, though – fair warning!

4. Before you go:

Do your homework. Get a feel for the range of the line and what you might like to consider. The collection is overwhelming, so if you walk in cold it will be harder to focus on your best style.  That said, it’s all so beautiful…..

⇒ Ask friends/family if they are interested in things like the simple disk earrings, bangles or the more exotic pieces. If you have some guidance it will be much easier (and less time-consuming) to pick out the right piece on their behalf. Avoid the guesswork. 

5. Be bold! Why not experiment with your go-to style?  Step out of the box and have fun!

6. Share your experience!  Please leave a comment, or come back to this post after your Florence adventure – we’d love to know what you found at Ms.Caputi’s shop!

Learn more about Angela’s craftsmanship and process in creating her signature work.

Buon Viaggio!!

– Jane

3 Score & More 2016

Photos: Jane Trombley except where noted

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