Fashion Recipes Inspired by the Met Museum Costume Exhibit

The Costume Institute of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art broke new ground with their Spring 2016 exhibit. The show combined the skills of hand-made with the new technologies of machine-made.

So what does that mean for us consumers with closets overflowing with choices?  It’s Freedom!!! The show gave me an appreciation of and permission to mix things up in my way, to create a personal fashion statement from my wardrobe – how liberating!

So take a look in your closet: ethnic,  classic, preppy, glamorous. Whatever your fancy or maybe all together!

  1. Dressing should be fun!
  2. Follow your whim – look in the mirror – oops, take something off, change an accessory or add some earrings…it’s up to you.

Fashion recipes:

Monday: Maybe start the week with a bit of caution… my uniform of a white tee and cigarette pants, shawl and “sensible” walking shoes…with the addition of  my wear-every-day gold bangle bracelets… my leopard backpack and maybe ballet flats – my idea of “sensible.”

Wednesday: Fuchsia sox, lime green belt, skinny pants, maybe even leggings but don’t forget a long top (big white oversize shirt is the best and easiest solution) – no thighs showing, please!  Another one of your fabulous shawls, of course! And be ready for a giggle…maybe that French market basket with the pom poms picked up in St. Tropez.

Friday: Add some of your ethnic treasures from the markets on your various travels: add that Masai beaded belt from Kenya, the Kilim satchel from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the hand-woven shawl from Myanmar…keep your clothing very simple because this is obviously ACCESSORIES DAY!

“Fashion changes but style endures.”  Coco Chanel

Have Fun… Lee

Back to the Met…a few of my favorites:

Christian Dior – Spring 1947


Madame Gres – Haute Couture 1968


Christian Dior – Haute Couture 1949


Raf Simons for DIOR – Summer 2015


Gareth Pugh – Fall 2015


“In a machine age, dressmaking is one of the last refuges of the human, the personal, and the individual.”

– Christian Dior


©3 Score & More 2016

All photos by Lee

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