Why you will love a day at Argentina’s amazing Iguazu Falls

Say “Argentina” and wine – especially Malbec – comes to mind. But the world’s largest waterfall system, the dramatic Iguazú Falls, lies along Argentina’s border with Brazil. “Amazing” doesn’t really do them justice.

The Iguazú National Park (Parques Nacionales Iguazú (AR) y do lguaçu (Br)) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  After a few days in the sun-parched wine country of Mendoza, seeing – and occasionally feeling – water drop 270 feet (82 meters) is, well, refreshing.

Yampu Tours booked the day’s tour to Iguazú Falls, as part of a larger trip to Argentina. A high point was an unforgettable boat trip to get up close and personal with water flowing at a rate of 62,ooo cubic feet (approximately 1800 square meters) per second.

Yes, it’s humbling. Take look….
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5 Insights from travel industry leaders

Every January, the New York Travel Show hosts America’s premier travel industry event, with more than 500 exhibitor booths, 250 industry speakers and colorful brochures galore. Over 100 cultural presentations beguile would-be travelers with a taste of exotic destinations. At the same time, locations closer to home are viewed anew and added to the “must visit” bucket list.


According to industry leaders, travel is alive and well in 2017 – booming, in fact, and apace with technology and digital innovations.   Here are some insights (and some surprises) from the Keynote Panel delivered to travel industry professionals attending the show.  Continue reading “5 Insights from travel industry leaders”

At the Wrong Departing Airport? 5 Tips to Manage the Crisis

You’re packed, organized for departure, with plenty of time for the pre-boarding ritual we know all too well. The trip to the airport is smooth, fueling excitement for the travel adventure ahead.

Until. You realize you’re at the WRONG airport. Woops. Supposed to be at  La Guardia, but you’re at Newark.  Supposed to be at London City, but you’re at Gatwick. You were SO sure, you didn’t bother to check as you left home.  It happens to (most) everyone sooner or later.

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Attention travelers: 7 Days with Carry-on? Here’s how to make it work

Can a solo woman traveler, fussy about style, travel with only carry-on luggage for a week? Is the carry-on manageable on/off airplanes without incurring  arm/shoulder injury or the mortification of asking for help? The answer is yes.

I had held a near-religious conviction that a 7-day, fashion-conscious travel wardrobe required a bag exceeding carry-on size restrictions. Awkwardly wrestling with a large two-wheeled bag, I was always relieved to relinquish custody to the airline and watch the thing slip away into the netherworld of baggage handling.

The moment of truth came when a bag didn’t make the plane to Florence. While there are worse places than Italy to buy fill-in clothes, I knew I had to take a second look at carry-on travel.

The upshot is that carry-on only does work for me, for 7 days. No upper body trauma, and little stress.  Here’s what I found…. Continue reading “Attention travelers: 7 Days with Carry-on? Here’s how to make it work”

How to Spend a Perfect Tuscan Afternoon

Head to the gardens of La Foce, a 15th Century estate in Tuscany’s  Val d’Orcia, nestled among the ancient hill towns near Siena.  The hilly terrain falls into a rolling landscape demarcated by lines of towering cypress trees; ancient olive groves and a puzzle of terraced vineyards create a checkerboard of bounty. La Foce is a tour de force of gardening, brilliantly melding the agrarian terrain with masterful landscape design. But first, of course, there’s lunch…… Continue reading “How to Spend a Perfect Tuscan Afternoon”

Iceland: Searching for Richard Serra, Discovering Reykjavik

Pair of pillars, Afangar, Videy Island

The mission:  To see renowned sculptor Richard Serra’s striking installation Afangar (“Standing Stones”) on Viðey Island, a national preserve across the harbor from Reykjavík. Under that brief,  I savored a taste of Iceland – in Reykjavík – on a lay-over return to New York from London. What to do in Reykjavik?  I found plenty! Continue reading “Iceland: Searching for Richard Serra, Discovering Reykjavik”