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Evergreen Links:

1. Fewer than 50% of U.S. citizens hold passports.  Ready to take the plunge and get yours? Here’s how to get started.
2. Hate the US Customs lines upon return from abroad? Frustrated by the security lines for any air travel? Time to enroll in the U.S. Customs/Border Patrol GOES system. Not limited to U.S. citizens.  Here’s how to get started.
3. It might be a good idea to consider the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, described here.  For no other reason, it provides peace of mind for friends and families as you trot around the globe.
4. Air B + B is not just for local housing, it’s for local experiences, too. Here’s just one example; I’m ready to book a flight just to do this.
5. NEW A long flight is no fun. Here are some positively invaluable tips to consider in trip planning for long-haul flights. Once aboard, some suggestions to make the endless hours as bearable as possible.
6. Five ways to keep your passport safe.  Some are obvious, some not so much.  Take a look.

Daily Links:

31 March 2017

1. If you’ve done a river cruise and you’re hankering for more exotic locals, click here.  Think small ships and big continents: Asia, South America, India.   All way beyond the Danube.
2. Even in the face of geo-political change, some things are inviolate. Such as the tourism agreement between London and Paris, post Brexit. 

24 March 2017

1. Maybe I’ve taken too many AMTRAK trips but to me this sets a new standard, worldwide. Reason enough to get on a plane, just to take the train.
2. Headed to Paris? Hot new restaurant to try; probably not on the tourists list.

13 March 2017

  1. Ultimate afternoon tea with Willie Wonka theme. A very high-end high tea experience.
  2. If afternoon tea in London isn’t your cuppa, try the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Can’t hurt.

9 March 2017

  1. St Patrick’s Day is next week. A trip to Ireland? The bigger celebrations are across U.S. cities with large Irish-heritage populations.  Check out some surprising stats here.

7 March 2017

  1. Tax season is here and hopefully so is your refund. What to do? Travel, of course. Here are some ideas.
  2. Air B and B is digging deep to broaden their luxury offerings. Think sleeping in a nicer guest room. Way nicer.

5 March 2017

  1. Spring is around the corner, and no place on earth does Spring like New York City. Here’s the best list of ‘to-do’s’ I’ve seen in a while. Strongly recommend to locals and visitors alike. Note the outdoor fun – just another reason to enjoy – and love –  the world’s greatest city.

2 March 2017

  1. The French are getting a wall, too. Naturally, theirs is much classier.  Not to mention having an actual purpose.
  2. Nothing good about the middle seat? The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica is offering a free room upgrade for passengers into LAX who’ve braved the inconvenience. Offer good until May 26, 2017.  Hurry while those middle seats last.

1 March 2017

  1. Living aboard a cruise ship. Isn’t that everyone’s passing fantasy? Just once? Click through to see how it’s done.

21 February 2017

  1. Wellness Retreats – doesn’t the sound of that just make you feel better? Best news: they are not all in the far-flung corners of the world. Check out this photo essay. Namaste.

19 February 2017

  1. Starbucks to open its first store in Italy!  Talk about taking coals to Newcastle!

17 February 2017

  1. In the ‘you always wondered’ department: why airlines insist on open window shades during take-off and landing.

15 February 2017

  1. Tempted to try a cruise, yet have a long list of negatives, from boredom to seasickness?  Here are some suggestions that might help you to re-consider…..

13 February 2017

  1. With a long weekend approaching, getaways are top of mind. But when isn’t a weekend getaway on the radar? Here are some interesting U.S. city destinations, perfect for a 2-3 day ramble… and some of them might surprise you.

12 February 2017

  1. Patagonia sportswear has long been the gold standard of socially responsible merchandising in fashion. Here are more reasons to seek out the brand when looking for quality – and snazzy – outdoor wear. It’s about more than puffy jackets.

9 February 2017

  1. Here’s a good list of must-have’s in your carry-on. For domestic flights, I’d swap out the passport for credit cards. For some reason the headline says “12 things”; I counted 11. Go figure.

8 February 2017

  1. Cheers to Queen Elizabeth II in her sapphire jubilee year (that’s 65, and counting). Creating her own bubbly – now that’s the way to celebrate! Sadly, it’s sold out. Long live the Queen.
  2. Eurostar’s new lounge in Paris’ Gare du Nord. Champagne AND Wifi. AMTRAK, please note.

7 February 2017

  1. Because you can’t plan too far ahead: Tickets for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea are now on sale. Get ’em while they last.

3 February 2017

  1. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Your plans may not include a trip to Paris, but just vicariously, here are some hotel suggestions that are, well, “Ooo! La La”.

2 February 2017

  1. Headed to London, or even thinking about it?  Go soon,  before the city enacts a 5% tourist tax on hotel accommodation, an idea now under consideration.

31 January 2017

  1.  These days, flying Economy can mean different things.  Read how airlines are redefining what the new “Economy” really means, and why it might not be such a great deal after all.

26 January 2017

  1. Up in the wild blue yonder: American Airlines is phasing out seatback video screens (and upgrading in-flight internet – YAY!); most vexing to all air travelers – small airplane bathrooms; and, the latest on the best time to buy airline tickets.
  2. Here’s an enticing photo essay on Air B+B destinations for that cozy winter getaway you’ve been dreaming about. Now all you need to do is book it.
  3. Oscar season is upon us but for travelers, the question is where was it filmed? Check out the locations of the 2017 Best Picture nominees. Some are sure to be next season’s hot tourist destinations (and some already are).  Each film’s “official” trailer is included for context.

24 January 2017

  1. Sometimes travel is a state of mind. Just because you can’t go to Paris, doesn’t mean you can’t experience it. Which you can, with a subscription to this charming newsletter Do It In Paris. And you can do it in English or French. We won’t tell.

20 January 2017

  1. Women-only clubs seem to be sprouting up all over. They’re a refuge, part intellectual hub, part social/professional networking center. And delightfully appointed, it appears. Here are a few that sound interesting; I’m ready to sign up!
  2. OK; you can stay at a hotel; Air B+B has made a business out of house-guesting; why not a castle, when in Scotland.  Here’s a photo gallery of a couple of nominees for Best Castle to Stay In when in the land of the Scots.
  3. Technology has certainly caught up with luggage – 3 Score reviewed Away’s phenomenal carry on (at a great price point, too) and here’s another, by Raden, that is hot, hot, hot. I need a larger bag to check; this will likely be it.

19 January 2017

  1. Expedia’s airline passenger poll reveals the most annoying in-flight behavior. Not surprisingly, the top 2: Rear Seat Kickers followed by Inattentive Parents. See how they go hand-in-hand? Click through to see how the full list compares to your own.
  2. Florida is a big winter destination; beaches, boating, and bikinis come to mind. Here’s an inspiring photo gallery of wildlife and eco-experiences to be found in the Sunshine State – from swimming with manatees to gliding over the Dry Tortugas, the most inaccessible national park in the U.S.
  3. It happens to the most experienced traveler: going to the wrong departure airport!  It’s stressful but salvageable. Here is 3 Score’s take on damage control when realize….whoops wrong airport!

18 January 2017

  1. Headed to Italy?  Train travel is, in my opinion, the ideal way to visit a country – fast, efficient, safe, linking fabulous cities via gorgeous countryside. Train information and station customs are sometimes confusing and not all information is available in English, especially in smaller cities. Here’s a great primer on the Italian train system.
  2. Leaving your dog behind when flying off to a vacation destination is often wrenching. Here’s a great guide for how Fido might travel with you, or, have a quality canine vacation, too!  Woof, woof!
  3. It’s January and all we can think of is a get-a-way to swaying palms, golden beaches, maybe a bungalow over the water.  Can’t get to the Maldives for this kind of paradise? It is now available in Jamaica, close enough to the U.S. for a long weekend of bliss. Ahhhh.

15 January 2017

  1. O Canada!  In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, the country is throwing the biggest and best party ever – waiving admission fees in all 44 national parks during 2017.  If you can’t make them all, here are a few suggestions…
13 January 2017
  1. Bibliophiles, rejoice!  Here’s your chance to snuggle up to books day and night, at the U.K.s only residential library, in Wales.
  2.  It may seem obvious, but here are 10 Things You Should Never Do in an Airport
  3. New York women have a penchant – and reputation – for style. Here are some of the guidelines to achieve the “New York look”.  Spoiler alert – yep, black rules, but not exclusively.
  4.  Inspiring, fun and well, memorable, quotes on style from older women who DGAF.  I’m sure you can figure out the acronym.
  5.  I did this walk along Italy’s Cinque Terra in 1990, and it is still one of the most memorable trips of my lifetime.  It’s doable at any age and would be a great inter-generational adventure.