5 insider tips to ensure the best Airbnb experience

Duffel on apartment floor

Using Airbnb for the first time can be daunting. Concerns abound.  Maybe it’s just for kids, you think. Or,  you’d rather have the safety of a hotel.  Maybe as a solo traveler, the idea of an apartment is not inviting.  Questions arise. What if the apartment isn’t as advertised, or the location is near…..nothing. What if the host isn’t there to meet me? How do I get the keys? Who can I ask for restaurant suggestions?   You’ve got some questions, here are some answers to ensure the best Airbnb experience…. Continue reading “5 insider tips to ensure the best Airbnb experience”

How to find the best trip insurance at 60+

Travel insurance is a considered choice and, frankly, sometimes not necessary.  However, it is absolutely essential for an older American traveler with international destinations in mind.  The primary reason is adequate medical coverage.  Employer-based medical coverage may be sufficient (check your policy), but Medicare falls far short outside the U.S.  Supplemental “Medigap” policies will provide you with only very limited coverage if you become sick or injured abroad. Furthermore, you’ll want to protect your international travel investment against an array of mishaps, from lost luggage to unforeseen cancellations.   Here’s how to find the right travel insurance plan for you. Continue reading “How to find the best trip insurance at 60+”

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How to be an Xenophile in your 60’s

Say  whaaat?   A  Xenophile? Sounds weird.  A bit creepy even.  But it really is the essence of travel.   In English, the word xenophile derives from Greek xenos meaning strange/unfamiliar (person or object). Combine that with the phile –  to love something or be an enthusiast. So think Anglophile, bibliophile, cinephile. A xenophile embraces new people, places, and experiences, the  very definition of travel.  One could say being an intentional xenophile enables living life to its fullest and richest.  In that case, yes, we want to be xenophiles in our 60’s.  Here’s how…

Continue reading “How to be an Xenophile in your 60’s”

It’s 2018: What happened to your wonderful travel plans?


Here we are at the end January 2018 – how are all your wonderful travel plans coming along?  

I confess my travel plans for the year aren’t as clear as I’d wish them to be, quite a confession for a travel blogger!  But I do have one wonderful idea in place:  a July wedding in Italy will take me to the Lake Como in Italy, a region I’ve been dying to see. Hopefully, one of the big bucket destinations like Antarctica, Patagonia, maybe even Africa, can be ticked off the list this year.

Continue reading “It’s 2018: What happened to your wonderful travel plans?”

AirBnb guest guide to Portobello Road: 5 essential shops

One of the fun things about being an Airbnb guest is the opportunity to have a fantasy local life during your stay. If you’re near bustling Portobello Road, the commercial heart of Notting Hill, here is the ultimate guide to shopping in the neighborhood.  You will feel positively native… without breaking your travel budget.  Continue reading “AirBnb guest guide to Portobello Road: 5 essential shops”

My best travel advice of 2017

As you know from a recent post, 2017 was a banner year for me.  In my varied adventures, I learned a lot, picking up tips that translated into several travel advice posts throughout the year.  One of the genuine rewards of this blogging endeavor is to share the knowledge I’ve picked up. Hopefully, you’ll find it a helpful resource.

As 2017 now rapidly comes to a close, here’s 3 Score’s best travel advice.

Continue reading “My best travel advice of 2017”

Best of the best: 5 favorite destinations in 2017

US Passport cover

2017 was a banner year for my travel.  Some destinations were carefully planned but others were just serendipitous, popping up out of the blue. Either way, believe me, the travel gods cranked  it out on my behalf.   During this remarkable stretch of travel and exploration, the trips were chronicled in this space.   And now, as the year winds to a close, here are my 5 favorite destinations for 2017.  I hope you’ll find some ideas and inspiration for your 2018 travel plans.

Continue reading “Best of the best: 5 favorite destinations in 2017”

How to make your family holiday an outstanding success

Chaplain's House, Tyntesfield

Imagine a family holiday in a 19th C English country setting with 21st C amenities. You’re settled in a comfy, period cottage on the grounds of an exquisite  Victorian Gothic mansion, endowed with a history Downtown Abbey’s fictional Grantham family would envy. Add a couple of sophisticated gastro-pubs, an easy drive through the bucolic countryside.  Toss in berry picking, farm visits and an enchanted forest to charm the youngsters. Some interesting stuff for older kids. Perhaps a quick visit to Bristol,  a thriving destination with a pretty impressive history of its own.

The holiday venue is Chaplain’s House at Tyntesfield, a gem of Britain’s National Trust rental cottages. Here’s why it’s a recipe for success, and worth the travel from North America.

Continue reading “How to make your family holiday an outstanding success”

My 5 Favorite Sites in Barcelona

view of Barcelona


3 Score & More is thrilled to have guest blogger Wendy Lee of Empty Nesters Hit The Road share her insights on Barcelona.  Best of all, here are some fabulous Barcelona flight deals for early 2018, to make her post your reality!

Barcelona is full of history, art, architecture and great food, so there are endless sites to see throughout this beautiful city. However, after spending an amazing week here, there are definitely five sites that we’d recommend everyone see when coming here. Continue reading “My 5 Favorite Sites in Barcelona”