How to Find Quiet London

Embedded in London’s 21st C. zeitgeist  are quiet, reflective gems hidden within the city clamor. They are a joy to discover and here are a few I have found….

My “quiet London” is inspired by the book that graces this post – Quiet London/Quiet Corners – and its companion Quiet London, as well as others in the London series. (You may find Quiet Paris and Quiet New York. helpful in navigating other global metropolises.) One caveat: The absence of printed maps in the books makes grasping locations a bit tricky.  Google maps (or some other app) is handy to place these gems in their geographic context.

Quiet Hotel – The Laslett


Tucked into the Notting Hill neighborhood is the The Laslett, a hip-yet-mellow boutique hotel just off Notting Hill Gate. The hotel adds a charming low-key elegance to this trendy neighborhood and is very deserving of the  “quiet London” designation.





Quiet Space – Holland Park

Adjacent to Notting Hill is Holland Park,  55 acres of serene beauty, laced with  walking trails. The trees’ adolescent, sassy leaves flirt with the May breeze; clouds billow, and bird chatter is the only sound. IMG_4642

There are lots of places to sit and contemplate – ponder, or meditate or just let the mind roam – a luxury in this digital age (without which you wouldn’t be reading this)IMG_4674

The park is also home to the famous Kyoto Garden created in 1991, a gift from the city of Kyoto.  Serene on this spring day, with camera-shy koi in the pond, lounging beneath the fluttering banners – the essence of Japanese tranquility.



Finding quiet along Kensington High Street

For me, no trip to London is complete without the ritual pass along Kensington High Street with a nod to the Albert Memorial. After that hustle, time for another quiet spot – this time found at the Princes Garden, a private garden of the Imperial College of London into which the public is graciously invited.


IMG_4738With British Vogue’s centennial issue, I could have happily stayed in the garden all afternoon, engaged in the history of this iconic fashion ‘bible’, but life beckoned…….






Vibrant Video – Decidedly NOT quiet

There is much to savor in “quiet London” but the other kind is, as always, alive and vibrant on every corner and in every neighborhood. Here’s a taste in Notting Hill…..


More to come!  Meanwhile please share your favorite London spots – quiet or not!


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  1. Love London, guess my favorite quiet spot would be Primrose Hill (I think that’s the name?) where you get a great view of the city.


  2. I used to live in Primrose Hill when I worked in London in 70/71. It’s dreamy.

    This website is a gem!


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