Hi, It’s Jane….

fullsizeoutput_ff4Welcome to Three Score & More…. our mission is to inspire travel, style, and discovery among curious and sophisticated women 60+.  Let’s never stop learning or lose that sense of adventure! 

As part of the ‘three score and more’ demographic, I’m no stranger to life’s reset button. After careers in advertising,  communication, and a very rewarding stint in adventure travel, I am following my heart and aim to inspire others to do the same.

When I determined to ‘go for it’  – I bought a  simple, cartridge fountain pen as a talisman for this endeavor. For all the hoopla about the world-bending power of digital information sharing, at the core is communication – between writer and reader, a construct as old as the written word. This blog, created in pixels but in the spirit of pen and ink, flows from the head as well as the heart.

Here’s my promise to you:

  • Write authentically – endorse only what I have personally tried/experienced or recommend as best I can based on third-party advice.
  • Keep a tight rein on clichés. Keep “Awesome” and “Amazing” at bay. If everything is A and A, then nothing is.
  • Present well-crafted posts. Some will be clever – funny even – some not so much. Bear with me.
  • Make mistakes. This is big because blunders are a part of the human condition.  apologized for and corrected.

Please follow and the latest 3 Score & More blog post will drop in your inbox about twice a week.  In the meantime,  please drop a line by clicking on the email link below. I’d love to know what you like you like….and don’t like.

Thanks for reading!




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  1. Just received my new Jack Rogers gold sneakers from UPS…feeling very “spaaaark – lee”


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