A Blogger’s Rookie Year

In the roller coaster year of 2016, the indisputable bright spot for me was the launch of 3 Score and More in May.   With gratitude for all the extraordinary experiences, and excitement about what lies ahead, here’s a “best of” look at how Travel, Style, and Discovery played out over the last eight months…. Continue reading “A Blogger’s Rookie Year”

San Francisco Solo @ 60+ 8 Tips to make it great

Golden Gate Bridge looking north

The best thing about San Francisco is San Francisco 

–Frank Lloyd Wright

Here are 8 tips from as I set out to change-up the typical San Francisco tourist experience. Would it be weird, as a 60+ solo traveler?  Not one bit as it turned out, and the freedom was priceless. Continue reading “San Francisco Solo @ 60+ 8 Tips to make it great”