Why I love to blog: 5 hopefully good reasons

Today is Labor Day in the United States, and my labor is this blog. The holiday honors those whose labor enabled a pretty nice life for many and, for the country, enormous economic advantage.  The day got me thinking about my own current labor. For the last sixteen months, during what otherwise would be described as “retirement”, I have labored at creating content for this travel-focused blog, 3 Score & More, the one that you’re reading now.  It’s unpaid labor; I’ve made nary a dime. It is sometimes very frustrating.  In the end, it is definitely a labor of love and here’s why….

Blog for meaning and purpose

full solar eclipse
The full solar eclipse

In a nutshell, that’s what I really love about blogging – it provides me with a reason to engage, to investigate, to scratch that itch of curiosity that has been a lifelong companion, and to share it with others. Combining all that with a penchant (and now the time) for travel, I often feel as though I’ve won some kind of lottery of late-life. Very lucky kid, I can tell you that.

I blog because I like to write

address book and pen

I’ve always done it: endless journals, award-winning slogans, PR writing, professional communications.  I toy with a book or short story but like so many of us (you know who you are), it stays in my head. What better forum than a blog; it’s a gift of our technological age.  Call it “professional” or not, but a blog is an outlet for one’s creativity, with pixels as the proxy for the pen.

Blogging is a different kind of writing in an altogether different medium, read in a different way. Blogging’s  handmaidens, social media, is yet another animal. Learning these styles, never mind mastering them, is the fun.  My old pal writing and I have a new playing field.  Game on.

Traveling and sharing

view of horizon out plane window

I’m lucky enough to indulge in travel a couple of times a year; it’s the heartbeat of this blog. And sharing those experiences is what I truly love, be it an adventure with family, friends or solo.

Destinations, sure – South America to Sweden, Iceland to Italy and of course across the USA.  London is my sine qua non as city destinations go.

There are the more practical aspects of travel, too; tips on luggage,  mid-trip crisis, and more on where to travel next

Blogging teaches the new rules of communication

social media icons

Let’s face it – I’m a digital immigrant, most definitely NOT a digital native. We Boomers have (sort of)  learned how to navigate social media (well, one of our generation certainly has), and use it with varying degrees of success. We can find and stay in touch with friends and family acquired over decades, share the latest news of grandbabies of all stripes. Facebook is a godsend.

For me, a former advertising and marketing person, with skills hewed in an entirely different universe, social media has proven the most challenging. That said, it has also been the most fascinating to learn.   I don’t want to get too techy (ha!  as if…) but for me, a real understanding of the power of today’s communication channels – both social and digital platforms such as WordPress –  could have only come about through my baptism-by-fire introduction with blogging.  And it’s been worth it. Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat.

Blogging is an outlet for my camera-crazed photography

Camera photography has become ubiquitous and IG has made photo-journalists of us all. Blogging takes it one step further.  Is it ego? Sure I’ll admit to that. But the fun challenge is in the editing and using the photo to enhance the written word. Yep, I’m hooked!

Blogging opens new horizons, people, places, and opportunities

New York Times Travel show, 2016
2016 New York Times Travel Show, Jacob Javits Center

Blogging “labor” has opened new doors, albeit not sources of income.  I’ve joined blogging groups, travel blogging groups “met” interesting and successful entrepreneurial folks I would have never known otherwise. I’ve  learned from peers and pros alike. I was incentivized to attend industry conferences, taken online courses to understand the underpinning of successful blogging and been helped along the way by friends and colleagues. Friendships have deepened with collaborations and guest posts, a benefit I couldn’t have imagined but hold dearest of all.

There are more destinations, more experiences and more learning to share. I hope you’ll continue the journey with me.

In the meanwhile, please share your most favorite travel experience or destination in the comments section way down below this post – we can all learn with this blogging thing!!

Happy Labor Day!



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  1. You’re always so articulate, insightful & sincere. Ever think of publishing a book of essays? You’re a great author & this post is beautiful.

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