Want to be an Instagram 3 Score Traveler?


3 Score Travelers: here is your chance to show your travel triumphs on Instagram as the #3scoretraveler of the week!

What to do:

1.  Just post of photo of yourself (extra points for selfies) on your travels to your public Instagram account (What!  You’re not on Instagram?  Here you go…).  Charming descriptions appreciated by not necessary.

2. Tag @3scoreandmore, so we are notified of your great pix, and please include the hashtag #3scoretraveler.  That’s it!

We’ll choose one photo a week to feature on 3 Score’s Instagram feed and all across our social world (think Twitter and Facebook).

This may not put you in the ranks of Beyoncé or Oprah on social media, but we’ll tag you back so you know it’s out there.

And besides, we 3 Score Travelers need to tell the world we’re out there!

Thank you!

And one more thing…..

The long-awaited 3 Score & More newsletter,  SCORE CARD,  is soon to be a thing. A real thing in your inbox every month.  Filled with extra news, tips, and resources, additional content not on the blog. 

It’s worth signing up for, even to just give it a whirl. No penalty for unsubscribing, but I’m betting you won’t want to let it go. 

Fill out the form just to the upper right of this post, and we’ll be all set.

Again thank you!

Happy trails, and remember:

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash



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