Ringing in the New (Year)

Each New Year brings a commitment to change: making resolutions (preferably ones we actually keep), kicking old bad habits,  starting anew.

And so New Year’s Day 2018 is a fresh start for 3 Score.  No outrageous resolutions except to post more consistently.  Kicking old bad habits are the flip side of the resolution to engage with you on a more regular schedule.

Starting anew: well, each day is a chance to start anew.  3 Score starts by expanding in a new direction.

What’s up for 2018

In 2018 I’ll still share travel stories, destinations, tips, and news.  But I’ll also get into another side of travel – the personal journey.

3 Score’s tagline, “inspiring travel and discovery among curious women 60+” still holds true north for me.  I want this blog to inspire – and to inform – on travel as we move along the years after 60.  By and large, that goal has been satisfied, by the 70-some blog posts since May of 2016.

What we haven’t examined enough are the destinations in our heads.

Destinations external and internal

What does it mean to travel in one’s 60’s?  Do we do it solo (surely possible, either in luxury or rugged), do we do it with friends, or do we not do it at all (an unacceptable option to me)? As our lives change, as families scatter, do we devote our travel dollars to visiting far-flung children, keeping up with grandchildren?  Or do we make those long-awaited trips to the places we’ve longed to see and put off?

Increasingly, and very sadly, to my mind, the exotic places, those depicted in the encyclopedias and textbooks of our youth, are dwindling as safe places for travel.  On the other hand, is our concern about security a bit overwrought? The U.S. State Department issues Alerts and Warnings to help guide our plans, not scare the bejesus out of us.

Finally, there are internal journeys.  For me, 2017 itself was more than a fabulous year of travel.

 I moved from a global center (New York City) to a small town two hours north (Hudson, NY).  Left a jewel box of an apartment, all 750 square feet of it, for a three-story townhouse four times the size.   Dear friends accumulated over four decades were no longer a mere walk or train ride away. But in the new setting, I was very fortunate to have a wonderful anchor friend and visions of what might be.  

Would I classify that move as travel?  You bet.  A journey like no other.  Much more to come on that…

I wish you all the best for 2018. Let our new year resolution be to keep the inspiration of travel and the spirit of discovery/exploration alive every day.

With gratitude,


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