Celebrating a Special Birthday With Poetry

Today we’re taking another step to expand 3 Score’s purview and celebrate a special birthday (my granddaughter, Ava).

Ava turned one earlier in April, at the start of National Poetry Month.

So it seemed only natural to ask Elephant and Giraffe to join in.

Elephant said to his friend Giraffe,

“O my, look at the date! It’s time to plan and get out our pans

For Ava’s first birthday cake.”

Elephant was the baker and Giraffe was the taster;

There wasn’t a moment to waste.

They scurried to make a quite special cake, just right for a special girl,

Elephant sang a happy song as he gave the frosting a twirl.

“At last!” said Giraffe. “It’s finally done,”

And he put his big spoon away.

Together with Gran they all held hands,

Hip, Hip Ava! Hooray!!

Copyright 2018  Jane Trombley  All rights reserved

Illustration courtesy of https://scottieandrooh.com



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