Hi, it’s Jane

IMG_1314Welcome to 3 Score and More! 

I’m a proud member of this demographic, and no stranger to life’s reset button.  Careers in advertising,  communications, and a very rewarding stint in adventure travel have bought me to this point of reflection.

It’s coupled with an unfettered optimism for what’s next.

My Story 

I have often found myself swimming upstream, contrary to expectations of age and gender. In my early 50’s, fresh from the closure of a long-standing marriage, I moved back to New York City just to see…

The experimental first year stretched to fifteen, a magical and transformative period. During that time I jump-started a career, earned a graduate degree, grew professionally, saw two adult sons marry savvy women and was graced by grandchildren.

Travel was a through-line in my life, whetted by a  pre-existing condition known as “curiosity about the world.”  it was the natural launch pad for the 3 Score & More blog. 

And then…..

It was time to turn the page,  I moved from a one bedroom apartment to an 1860’s Italianate townhouse in Hudson, New York. This change both defined and expanded opportunities. 

I found I had a lot more to say.  As I have evolved, so has 3 Score & More.

My wish for this blog…

Travel is but one topic I will write about in the coming years.  My interests, experiences, and observations are no longer rooted in travel, although travel experiences inform my writing. 

3 Score & More is no longer a “travel” blog; it is a blog about life in the 7th decade.  See, 3 Score and much more!

It is my hope that you’ll join me and share your own journey via comments, email, or subscribing to the very occasional newsletter

In some posts, you’ll see an affiliate link to  Amazon. This means I receive a small commission for purchases you make through this site, at no additional cost to you. Thanks in advance! 

I look forward to hearing from you.  Here’s to bending, if not breaking, the rules! 



Jane Trombley
3 Score & More