A Blogger’s Rookie Year

In the roller coaster year of 2016, the indisputable bright spot for me was the launch of 3 Score and More in May.   With gratitude for all the extraordinary experiences, and excitement about what lies ahead, here’s a “best of” look at how Travel, Style, and Discovery played out over the last eight months….

3 Score kicked off with 60+ solo travel to San Francisco, what better place to start? walkway of Golden Gate looking north

One of my all-time favorite trips – to Iceland in 2014  – is perennially on my “best of” list. An interest in the exquisite and haunting public sculpture of Richard Serra on Vi∂ey Island, off Reykjavik, led me to discover a magical place and a wonderful city. There will be more on Iceland for sure.

Afangar installation - 2 pairs of pillars
Richard Serra’s installation Afangar, on Videy Island, Iceland


Reykjavik Harbor through Opera House window
View of Reykjavik Harbor from the Opera House

I was fortunate to see a good bit of London’s neighborhoods in 2016; Notting Hill is a particular favorite.  One of the world’s greatest and most diverse cities has its quiet corners and I found places to keep your sanity while on the run.

Notting Hill, London
Garden at Leighton House, London


Ahh, travel to Italy – I think it merits an annual excursion if one can. 2016 found me in Tuscany, a place of endless delights. This time, it was the beauty of the Val d’Orcia – and an unforgettable lunch. Put this on your Italian bucket list.

Cortona, Tuscany



Val d’ Orcia, Tuscany




Al fresco lunch at Dopolavoro, Val d’Orcia

Summertime and the coastal Northeast U.S. just go together. Working harbors, get-aways on island beaches and stunning natural beauty all come alive with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. Summer is my favorite time of year along with a coastline that I know well, yet keep discovering.

Menemsha Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts
Acadia National Park, Maine


Crescent (Sunset) Beach, Shelter Island New York

Speaking of discovery, may we never stop exploring new places, new ideas, new cultures! Texas, USA did all of that for me during a Labor Day trip to Texas Hill Countryimg_1551

More exploration led me to Stratford Hall on Virginia’s historic Northern Neck – and the birthplace of one of America’s most famous families – the Lees – who figured prominently in our country’s first tumultuous centuries. This is truly a hidden gem of a destination on the shores of the Potomac River – and well worth the visit.

Stratford Hall – birthplace of Robert E. Lee

Guest bloggers expanded the scope of 3 Score, adding fresh perspectives on travel – near and far – through their own experiences. Istanbul, watching elephants in Africa and camping in upstate New York touched on very different themes.  I am indebted to the bloggers who lent their voices to enrich this space.

New York City is my hometown and the opportunities to discover are  endless, neighborhood by neighborhood. Here are just two examples….

City Wine Tours, New York City
Flatiron Building, New York City

My most profound travel experience of 2016 was touring southern Sweden in October, beginning with crossing the Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen Airport.

Oresund Bridge, linking Europe and Scandinavia

For the next four days, my experiences ricocheted from the soothing traditional spa in Ystad to a deeply transformative stay at Nyrups Naturhotell, to the “big finish” of magnificent dining at the Michelin-starred Daniel Berlin Krog in Skåne-Tranås. A a singular event, any of these would have been a big check on the bucket list; together they were a deep dive into the best that travel, especially solo travel, can be.

Dawn at Ystad Saltsjobad, Sweden
A stay in the woods at Nyrups Naturhotell, Sweden


Daniel Berlin, to my right, and his crew in the kitchen

And there was so much more….click on over to see.  I hope my stories will ignite your own ideas about travel in 2017 and beyond.

3 Score is about Travel, certainly, and Discovery, but it wouldn’t be complete without the invaluable, inspired contributions of Style blogger Lee. Her posts have been among the most popular, beginning with the breakout Twinkle Toes . She knew metallic shoes would be THE summer thing, and perceptively led us through the maze of the MET’s Costume Institute.  She showed us how to use color as Isaac Mizrahi did, from our own closets.  Her unfailing sense of color ushered in fall. Gold metallic Superga sneakers

Costume Institute, MET, New York




Thank you, Lee, for the adding the sparkle and the flair. And here’s to much more…

And thank you, readers. I hope to see you down the trail…..



Photo Credits: Val Shaff, Jane Trombley, Lee S.F.

© 2016 3 Score and More






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  1. Holy smokes Jane…your best post yet – although am exhausted just thinking of all of your wonderful travels. So glad I could share Italy with you and most of all am so touched for your thank you for my little style contributions. You are indeed a very special friend and I appreciate you, your sense of adventure and curiosity more each 100 miles! XL


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